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ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis sessions with Mr. L in Brookline, Massachusetts

Applied Behavioral Analysis

(ABA) Services

ABA is applied behavioral analysis used to help students whom developed maladaptive behaviors such as aggression, non contextual vocalizations and the like. This psychological intervention has helped many students develop language, learn social skills, and reduce aggression and disruptive classroom behavior. 

These techniques have been utilized with students struggling with academic material to better equip them with tools to tackle educational obstacles. 

Mr. L has a way with kids that empowers them to learn, have fun and make strides. Mr. L is the cool teacher that every kid wants to be like and he uses his outstanding skills to push kids to then next level whether it be in math, reading , sports or in improving their overall behavior Laurent also has exceptional emotional intelligence and is a superior communicator with parents and teachers alike. He is exceptional!"


ABA Student Parent

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