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Why Math?

Games that kids play that can be used as a vehicle for learning money management

Recently have had parents ask me about tutoring other subjects, I have thought about it and look forward to the time I will be helping students write better papers, and measure and infer from data collected in a science project, at the moment I am focusing on math. Why?

Math is the language of the universe. It is consistent, reliable, and straightforward. I have been in an interview for a math position that was opening up at a private school and was asked: “How do you make math inclusive?” That question had me confused. I’ve never thought math was exclusive to anyone. Matter of fact, regardless of who you are, the math equations don’t change to suit the person viewing it. The answer is the answer, and there are a plethora of ways to derive it. The best part about tutoring math is understanding the processes the students are taking that are giving them the wrong answer. Explaining to kids that their teacher’s asking them to show their work, so they can follow and correct specific misunderstandings. Whether that be a miscalculation or a step made out of sequence.

When I teach math, I try to encompass things that these kids have familiarity with. When I taught a pod during the beginning of the pandemic when everything was online, I made a point to try to find ways to cover things that may pique my students’ interest. I landed on Roblox and their IPO. Connecting the kids’ Robux back to the actual dollars they may cost. This not only provided me us with content that was familiar to them, but allowed a lot of time for the kids to tell me about Roblox and their experience on the platform. Setting the stage for questions like: If $500 buys you 25,000 Robux. How many Robux would $750 get you? This way of framing allows your student to practice converting $ to Robux. Once that skill is taught we can replace Robux with a different currency!

When you’re able to, ask your students what they like to play, share their knowledge of a subject most adults may not be familiar with. Giving them time to explain and be heard.

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