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AI and Teaching

Artificial Intelligence in schools

With the rapid pace of the AI craze, numerous products have emerged to assist individuals in content creation, book summaries, and skill acquisition. As a tutor, I often ponder if there is a legitimate cause for concern.

To be frank, I believe there isn't much to worry about. The essence of the teacher-student bond lies in human interaction. Just today, I had the opportunity to work with a student who was struggling in class. When we finally found a moment to converse without the pressures of the classroom or prying eyes, a genuine connection formed. We spoke as if we were old friends, with a conversation that could have continued endlessly. This is what sets us apart from artificial intelligence with its calculations and logical linear thinking.

While AI technology can accurately guide you in multiplying fractions, it will never be able to empathize with our initial struggles in comprehending a math concept. It cannot fully grasp the complexities of guiding and supporting a child through the challenging social dynamics of elementary and middle school. AI will never capture a school photo or share an embarrassing story of drawing a blank while recalling the simplest of facts. True teaching stems from the experience of having lived through it, rather than being a detached presentation of sequences.

As a BCBA primarily focused on observable and measurable behaviors, I recognize the importance of understanding context, culture, preferences, and people's expectations. While being mindful of the school’s values, I create plans that allow students to succeed.

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