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Education Beyond the Classroom

Using games to encourage learning outside of the classroom in tutoring sessions with Mr. L

As the slogan for Mr. L's tutoring reads, "Education Beyond the classroom." What I mean by this is that education plays an essential role in all aspects of our lives, whether it's the knowledge we need to pass an exam or the skills we need to handle unexpected challenges. After years in different classrooms, interacting with students expressing themselves in multiple different ways and grasping concepts at different rates, I've realized that specialized tutoring and practice can help build confidence. By incorporating games into math lessons, we can help children have fun and enjoy the subject, which can build their confidence. After gamifying math, it's easier to show how math concepts can be useful in other settings. Discussions and games made to encourage students to make the most out of their time together interacting with math. My favorite thing to teach kids in a tutoring session is how intertwined our words are with numbers. One thing I love telling kids about is the meaning of "cent" and how that meaning, 100, is sprinkled in words they may have heard before. I pose questions like: "How many years in a century? How many cents are in a dollar?! Ask your student if they can think of any other words with the prefix "cent"?

Why math? Recently, I have had parents ask me about tutoring other subjects. I have thought about it and look forward to the time I will be helping students write better papers, measure and infer from data collected in a science project. At the moment, I am focusing on math.

Why? Math is the language of the universe. It is consistent.

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