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Intersection of Health and Education

Benefits of good health and fitness on education in kids

Having been in both fields of education and healthcare working with students has brought me to classrooms that maybe lacking in one or the other. Kids’ needs are consistent but the environments in which they spend most of their time should be rigid, yet able to support the students that are struggling to reach expectations. As students learn, their critical thinking skills develop, as long as the content allows them a chance to experiment and reach different outcomes. The same goes for health, as students grow, what they eat, the stressors they encounter, and the different environments they are exposed to create variables with an infinite number of outcomes. Educational outcomes provide students with financial support in the form of scholarships and grants, giving students the opportunity to live in other states and study abroad in other countries. Having a tutor can help students access their classwork, homework, and even get ahead of the class. Mr. L’s tutoring and enrichment is led by a healthcare provider, who not only cares about your child’s educational needs but their behavioral patterns when they encounter tough math and science concepts.

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